7 DO and 2 DON’T in YouTube

What is and is not possible in making money from YouTube
Here are things you can do:

  1. Make videos that look good (resolution, shooting angle, etc.)
  2. Make videos that attract content for viewers to watch from beginning to end
  3. Making videos that enhance engangement, by inviting viewers to comment or share videos
  4. Invite your audience to become a subscriber on your YouTube channel
  5. Provide a name or title that matches your display content, provides a suitable video description too and can affect the rank because it is in accordance with SEO
  6. Make lots of videos as often as possible
  7. Publish or socialize your YouTube videos on all available social media

Here are things that should not be done with Youtube:

  1. Don’t plagiarize some kind of copy-paste the contents of a YouTube video into your own YouTube account. Your cheating will automatically be caught by YouTube for violating copyright, and you will be penalized
  2. Don’t create explicit content that violates YouTube’s Terms of Service

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