Marketing Tools Needed When Starting A Business – marketing tools analysis


Do you want to build a business? Or do you get an offer to become a digital marketer or digital marketer for a business, whether it’s your friend or someone else’s? Nowadays, marketing business through online technology has become a common thing for small to medium businesses to do. This time, the Idiarto Team will discuss online marketing tools that you can use to do marketing using online media.

If you intend to build a business, you must also be able to control the marketing of the products that you will offer. Online marketing is a technique that you need to understand. Don’t be afraid, these 5 tools might help you. This time we will position you as a business owner who also does marketing for your business.

  1. Canva to Build a Visual Brand
Website Canva

When you want to start a business, build your brand identity first by determining the brand name and its meaning, vision-mission, logo to details such as fonts, or vibe that you want to show through your brand. Therefore, Canva has prepared more than 50 thousand templates that you can use for free to design the look of your brand. Starting from the logo and font packages, posters, business cards, brochures, flyers, templates for menu listings, and various images that you can choose in various sizes for social media.

  1. Trello to Organize Plans
Website Trello

Setelah menentukan bagaimana tampilan dan “sifat” brand-mu, kini waktunya untuk melakukan perencanaan. Tak hanya untuk media sosial, kamu juga bisa menggunakan Trello untuk mengorganisir segala persiapan yang kamu butuhkan untuk memasarkan brand. Kamu juga bisa menggunakan website yang satu ini untuk membuat checklist, mengunggah foto atau file, serta mengundang member yang ada dalam daftar pengurus bisnismu untuk ikut berkolaborasi.

  1. Hootsuite for Managing Social Media
Website Hootsuite

The features on this website can be used to organize your business social media, whether for uploads, responses from social media followers, or customers from various social media platforms that you use to market your business. If your business does not involve multiple social media accounts on the same platform, you can choose a Professional package that is only priced at USD 35 per month. But, if your business is an agency that takes care of clients’ social media, use a Team, Business, or Enterprise package with prices starting at USD 150 per month.

Alternative: if Hootsuite is still expensive to balance your business budget, you can use Buffer. Not much different from Hootsuite, Buffer also offers the same service, but at a more friendly price, because they provide a price list to suit your needs. You can start using the Pro package for USD 15, or the Premium and Business packages starting at USD 75.

  1. SEMRush/Ahrefs/Google Trends to Determine Keywords
Website SEMRush

If the visual brand and social media are taken care of, this is the time to start building a business website that you can start by buying a cloud hosting package plus a domain first. After that, you can only use the three websites above to determine your business keywords. Start by clicking on each website through the heading above. In addition to providing useful information for your audience, you can also increase brand awareness if your website successfully ranks on the first page of the Google search engine.

  1. Yoast SEO to Increase Website Ranking
Yoast SEO Display

More technically, this feature is a plugin or software code to perform certain functions in a Content Management System (CMS) that you can add. Yoast Plugin works to determine the focus keywords and analyze the contents of the article on your website so that it is more easily detected by SEO in search engines. This feature can help your website rank so that your business can also increase brand awareness on the internet.

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