How to get money on the Internet for a side job?

Getting money on the internet turns out to be more than just selling goods on an online marketplace. In fact, how to get money can be an option for those who are looking for a side job.

Calculate by doing the following ways can help you in meeting the needs of each month. Basic needs, family needs, personal needs, insurance needs, savings, and investment must at least be fulfilled for the establishment of an established life.

Because certainly no one wants to live destitute in old age, including yourself, right?

Well, for those of you who happen to have the same goal of wanting to live a financially secure alias, this is a way to get money on the internet that is guaranteed suitable for a side job.

  1. Earn Money on the Internet from Online Surveys

Have you ever filled in a survey? Doing a survey on this one is slightly different from what you have done, including filling out surveys during college. Because you will get money by participating in online surveys.

How to? You only need to fill in the surveys that you want to complete. After that, there are points as reward because you have completed the online survey. These points that you collect can later be exchanged for money. Not suitable for a side job?

Interested in participating in online surveys? You can register with several online survey sites that are guaranteed to pay, such as ViewFruit, YouGov Indonesia, Clixsense, OpinionWorld, GlobalTestMarket, Mobrog, and SurveyOn. It is important for you to know the rules that apply at these online survey sites.

  1. Social Media Evaluator

Similar to online surveys, but being a social media evaluator will have a slightly different experience. By becoming a social media evaluator, you are asked to answer a number of questions related to advertisements or ads that appear on social media.

To answer these questions, you are asked to allow time for 4 hours a day. Because as a social media evaluator, you are sent 20 advertisements every day. Every ad has a question that you must answer and must finish in one day.

If you successfully complete the task, you will get US $ 5. That means in a month you can get US $ 150 by becoming a social media evaluator.

Interested in trying? Just open and register yourself as a social media evaluator.

  1. Create SEO Friendly Articles that are Popular on the Internet

Did you know some sites or websites can be so popular because of the article or content? Not just any article that makes online sites seen by many visitors, but SEO friendly articles that trigger an increase in traffic traffic.

You need to know in the increasingly rapid digital era today many companies or individuals who want to have their own site. Besides highlighting good visualization, they also need articles to fill their sites with the aim of bringing in traffic. Of course, sites or websites with high traffic always appear on the first page of Google.

For those of you who have talent, likes, and are able to write, making SEO friendly articles can be an option to get money on the internet. The price of SEO friendly articles varies. Starting from Rp.50,000 per article for 600 words to US $ 10 per article. On average foreign companies pay more than local companies.

To understand how to make SEO friendly articles, you can find out on the blog sites,, or by searching on Google. If you are interested in making money from SEO friendly articles, you can take freelance projects at,,,, and

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  1. Selling Photos and Videos Online

Good at photography and can produce good pictures? Or have the skills to produce video clips? It turns out that from photos or videos, you can get money. Because there are those who are willing to pay for photos or videos posted on the internet.

If you are interested in displaying photos or videos for sale, you can use the following photo or video provider sites. Starting from,,,,,,,, to

The money that you can later is calculated from the commission percentage determined by the provider platform based on each photo or video downloaded. The commission for each platform varies from 15-70%. Yes, the calculations are pretty good as extra money.

  1. Selling designs can earn money

Have you ever heard of Albert Leonardo’s success in getting billions of dollars in months just by selling t-shirt designs? Yes, Albert Leonardo who was originally a physics and mathematics teacher had an idea of design by taking the theme of The Pi Day.

Unexpectedly, the designs it sells online are very popular with overseas markets. As a result, from the design with the theme of The Pi Day, he earned a turnover of around US $ 300,000. Fantastic number, right?

You can also get the same opportunity, especially for you who produce a lot of graphic design works. You can earn money by selling graphic design works that you make.

Following in the footsteps of the success achieved by Albert Leonardo, you can sell graphic design works through The target market for covers the United States and Europe. If you want to experience sales in the country, you can sell it through

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