What is PPC?

Why do you need PPC?

Maybe some of you are thinking why do we need to do PPC if you can get traffic organically and for free? Here are some reasons why you also need to do PPC to maximize the website traffic you get.

A more precise target customer

Placing advertisements with PPC allows you to target your audience more precisely. There are many choices when you set your pay-per-click advertising, for example based on demographics, hobbies, and even what devices they use. Because now more and more people are accessing websites from smartphones, this is certainly a distinct advantage. In addition, you can also do re-targeting (which is done in remarketing) to attract people who have visited our website so that they make a transaction.

A more controlled budget

Advertise usually costs a lot of money. If you use PPC, you don’t need to worry because you can control the PPC budget. With PPC, you can set a monthly and daily budget so that you don’t miss the budget. In addition, the pay-per-click budget you can edit and adjust at any time. So if you want to add your budget after seeing positive results, you can do it anytime. The higher your budget, the more often your ads will appear. Sometimes keywords that are more used require a higher cost.

Greater return on investment (ROI)

One of the reasons PPC is popular is because you only have to pay if someone clicks on your ad. As explained earlier, with PPC, you will most likely get a greater ROI. This paid advertising works more effectively because the advertising audience is in accordance with your needs and desires.

Good effect for SEO

SEO rules are always changing because Google often changes and updates SEO algorithms. Pay-per-click can help SEO your website if you do it simultaneously. Organic SEO takes time to always appear on the first page of Google. While PPC will give you instant results. You can immediately appear in the first ranking of the search results page for your keywords. PPC can also be research to find which keywords generate the most website visitors. Later you can use these keywords in your SEO strategy.

How? Are you already interested in doing PPC? If you want to know how, let’s continue reading this article.

How do you do PPC?
As mentioned above, there are various types of pay-per-click marketing that you can do. The two most popular are search advertising and social advertising.

Search Advertising

For those of you who are doing PPC for the first time, most people start doing pay-per-click marketing with search advertising. Search advertising is usually made using Google AdWords which is now Google Ads.

Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertising system in the world. This platform allows you to advertise on Google search engines and other Google products. In accordance with the marketing concept, Google Ads works with a pay-per-click model. So the user will bid (auction) keywords and pay for each click. Every time someone searches for certain keywords on a search engine, Google will choose several ads to display on the search results page. In choosing which ads are displayed, Google considers several factors such as the quality and relevance of keywords to their campaigns and the value of their bidding.

If you want to be discussed more specifically, which ads appear more depending on the ranking of the business ads. The ranking of these ads is determined by two main factors namely CPC bid (the budget installed by the advertiser – the higher the better) and Quality Score (this consists of the click-through-rate, relevance, and quality of your account’s landing page).

To find out more about how Google AdWords works, how to optimize it, and how you can measure the success of your campaign.

Social Advertising

Social advertising will not only help your sales or ROI but also brand awareness and brand loyalty. If you are interested in doing social advertising, every social media now has their own advertising program.

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media for social advertising. With a very large number of users, you can certainly find your audience on Facebook. This social media has also prepared a special feature so that you can advertise easily, namely Facebook Ads.

Not only Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also have their own advertising features namely Instagram Ads and Twitter Ads. Instagram is one of the most widely used social media in Indonesia. So it never hurts you to advertise on this visual social media platform.

For those of you whose business is B2B, LinkedIn is one of the social media that you must use. Why? Because LinkedIn has more professional characteristics and this is where many business people hold discussions. Just like other social media, LinkedIn has also provided a recently updated LinkedIn Ads feature so you can also insert video ads into it.

The following websites that provide PPC include https://instaon.io/en, https://www.disruptiveadvertising.com/, https://klientboost.com/ etc

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