How to get money from cryptocurrency?

Now we will discuss how to make money from cryptocurrency

Basically there are many ways you can do to get money from cryptocurrency. In addition to trading or mining techniques, it turns out there are several other ways that can be taken in order to collect financial coffers through this crypto asset.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

It is one of the most popular investment trends since 2017. The ICO program is one surefire way to get money from the cryptocurrency business through a newly launched project.

Referral system program

Referral program is a program that aims to invite others to join as members of one of the cryptocurrency marketplaces. You can do this by spreading information about the referral program and directing people to enter the program. Members who share a referral link until a new member registers through the shared link will get a certain reward.


Airdrop is a token or coin distribution activity usually done for free. Although it looks good, but in fact there is still a business sense in the distribution of these coins. Basically, Airdrop implements ways to attract the attention of new followers in order to generate a greater user base and wider coin payments.
Join or start the Blockchain project

There are several Blockchain projects that can be found on Google, or you can start by building them yourself. The Blokchchain project is currently one of the most sought-after projects considering its implementation can be used in various sectors. It is not impossible, users can gain money from this project especially if many are interested in the project.

Get cryptocurrency from the game

How to get money from cryptocurrency that is no less popular is to get money from the game. Most of these games have prizes that are paid in crypto tokens when the user wins. The game can be found on the Ethereum and Tron platforms. Starting from action games, adventure, to gambling games.
Accept payments with cryptocurrency

If you are running a business, accepting payments with cryptocurrency is one of the right choices. Other benefits, can also do a rough estimate of the business in what services require a lot of costs based on the value of the coin.

Indeed there are many ways to get money from cryptocurrency, no matter what method is applied, the user must remain literate with market conditions. Also make sure to understand each risk before making a transaction. Cryptocurrency business you should also try to get money

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