How to use Google Analytics for your Digital Marketing Strategy (Part4)

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Last but not least, it is important to find out the content to see which pages visitors often visit to spend their time.

To do this, click the behavior tab and go to the Site Content drop-down menu. You will see Content Drilldown, as well as Landing and Exit Page to see the most viewed pages on your website.

Content Drilldown is a description of which pages on the Website are most frequently visited.

Viewing the pages, and which blog posts are most viewed by your audience helps in guiding your website development strategy.

The example above shows that the homepage of a website and service page are the most popular.

Next, Landing page panel to see which landing page many people visit when they visit your website.

Landing Pages view is a good indicator of the effectiveness of your social media and promotion strategies. For the following example, as you can see blogs and website pages that are partially promoted above.

If you don’t see the most important blog posts and / or are promoted from your website and website pages in the list of ten Landing pages, it’s time to re-evaluate them and / or your promotion strategies to ensure you drive traffic to those pages through social media and email campaigns marketing.

Using Google Analytics and then spending time in the Behavior section, will allow you to develop awareness about what content is most valuable and liked by your website visitors.

You can use this as a guide for what content works (and what doesn’t) about topics on blogs and page types.

For example, if you see that frequently visited blog post pages are about social media, but none of the topics about design are at the top, you can spend more time blogging or writing about social media than about design.


Google Analytics is a very powerful tool.

By paying attention to your audience’s demographics, you will be able to create content and images that you know of, that are desired by your audience.

This allows you to make the site experience relevant to your audience and will make them come back to spend more time on your website. (And that increases your traffic!)

When you start monitoring your referral traffic using Google Analytics, you will begin to see which guest blogs help to increase your website’s online visibility.

This will help you save time by focusing only on guest blogs that provide returns (in the form of website visits) to your content creation efforts. Likewise, by monitoring your social section, you will be provided with data to decide which social media is best for sharing your blog posts.

By utilizing, analyzing, and focusing on various parts of using Google Analytics, you will have a deep understanding of who your audience is, what they want and how they find you.

That’s a lot of advantages in using Google Analytics. Have you used Google Analytics for your digital marketing strategy to the maximum? You can share your experiences with in the comments column below.

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