Ready to Get Money from Google? (Part 2)

Google apparently provides various monetization options. In this article, we will discuss seven ways to get money from Google. Do not stop there, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages in each way. That way, you can determine which monetization method works best for you.



You are certainly familiar with YouTube. This one platform is in great demand by the people of Indonesia at large. Not only among school-age teenagers who are interested.

People under the age of five years until the beginning of school age, even parents to old age begin to turn to YouTube to look for entertainment.

With this trend, your opportunity to get money from YouTube is also greater. How to? Of course by creating video-based content on this platform.

You just specify which target audience you want to target. Then, you can work on content seriously in that niche.

Although you could say it’s quite complicated, making YouTube content opens up your opportunities for many things. Yes, in the beginning you need to create a concept, write a script, record video and sound, make edits in such a way that the video is finally ready to be uploaded and enjoyed by viewers.

However, take it easy. All the commotion will bear sweet fruit. Through YouTube content, you can open various opportunities to earn income.

For example, you can sign up for YouTube AdSense, join an affiliate program, work with a brand, become a speaker, or even an artist. Examples are Ria Ricis, Bayu Skak, Tasya Farasya, or Suhay Salim who started their success via YouTube.

YouTube Strengths:

  • Monetization opportunities that are very flexible: AdSense, affiliate programs, collaboration with brands, becoming ambassadors, to become speakers at events.
  • Opportunity to network with many content creators.
  • Broader exposure and influence to the audience.

YouTube Weaknesses:

  • It takes a lot of capital (time and technical) to produce quality videos.
  • It takes a long time to build a loyal audience.
  • YouTube content creator competition is getting higher ─ it is difficult for new creators to compete with YouTubers who already existed first.

Google My Business

Google My Business

For businesses, its presence in Google’s search results is increasingly important. This is because more and more internet users are relying on Google to find restaurants, coffee shops, workshops, florists, and many other businesses.

You could even say, when your business could not be found on Google ─ your business never existed or most likely has gone out of business. You don’t want to lose customers just because you don’t exist on Google, right? Yes of course not and fortunately Google also knows that well.

Through Google My Business or Google My Business, you can create a profile of the business you are running. You can add a full description of the business problem.

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Starting from the business name, opening hours, menu updates (if any), social media and websites, photos, and reviews. All of this information will be displayed in the form of interesting Google snippets to the right of the search results.

That’s not all that Google My Business offers. To increase business exposure and reputation, Google also offers you a simple website for business.

Google My Business Strengths:

  • Very easy to use and manageable appearance.
  • Support your online business presence.
  • There are free website features and complete insights that can be used to advance your business.
  • Much more practical than having to build a reputation of organic traffic.

Weaknesses of Google My Business:

  • Very complete features might be considered a bit complicated by small entrepreneurs.
  • Business reputation can get worse when the information delivered is not right.
  • You are required to be responsive in responding to customer reviews or questions.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

How to make money from Google Play is none other than through the application. Seeing current trends, the opportunity to create applications and get money from the Google Play Store is still very large. For that, if you have the ability to develop applications and gaes, this method should not be missed.

There are several schemes that can be used to get money through Google Play. First, by selling applications. This method is the easiest way to get money.

Although in the process, you need to design an application with full features and a slick appearance so that users want to spend money to use the application that you created.

Second, in-app purchases. This scheme will not provide money with direct sales as explained in the first way. Application users can still get and use applications that are made for free. However, you can sell various additional features or elements such as gems, characters, clothes, and so on.

Third, in-app advertising. This scheme frees the user to use the application. But to get bonuses or additional features, users must be willing to watch advertisements or share screens with ad banners.

Fourth, a subscription in which the user needs to pay a fee to be able to use the application within a certain period of time. Last or fifth is sponsorship, namely financing by a third party to make an application.

Google Playstore Strengths:

  • There are many monetization schemes for applications on Google Play: direct sales, in-app purchases, in-app advertising, subscriptions, and sponsorship.
  • Monetization competitors on Google Playstore are still not as many as on other Google platforms.

Lack of Google Playstore:

  • Very limited for developers or people with the ability to create applications.
  • It takes a long time to develop the application.
  • It takes time and capital to promote the application to get an audience.

Google Maps

Google Maps

This one method actually can not be classified as a way to make money from Google. Even so, the incentives provided by Google are still attractive to some people. Especially if you include someone who likes to travel.

Google Maps opens opportunities for Google users, anyone, to contribute to developing their geo-location platform. This contribution is realized in the form of filling out content for the map itself.

For example, reviewing locations, assessing locations, adding location photos, answering questions about a location, and changing misinformation about locations.

Besides completing content about a place, you can also add a new location description on the map. There is also added information about food (if the location in question is a restaurant). Do not forget, you can also check the truth of facts about a location.

From each contribution above, you will get different points. For example, you can get higher points for a photo compared to checking facts about a location.

Later, you can get various incentives based on points collected. Some incentives that are often given are hotel vouchers, discounts on bus tickets, bonus Google Drive capacity up to 1TB, and get the opportunity to try out the latest features from Google.

The advantages of Google Maps:

  • An easy way to try out new features and get incentives from Google.
  • The way it works is like a game where you get points for each set goal or activity.
  • There are many options that can be done to get points.
  • Points earned will not be forfeited (unless there is fraud or violation).

Lack of Google Maps:

  • The incentives provided are not money.
  • The incentives provided will stop when you are not actively reviewing on Google Maps.

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