How to Make Money from Instagram


Here are 6 ways to make money from Instagram.

  1. Selling Products

Selling products is arguably the most common way to get money from Instagram. The products sold are usually physical products ranging from headscarves to natural stones.

If you don’t have your own product, don’t be sad. You can sell other people’s products. For this reason, try to observe the items sold in stores near your home, for example crafts or regional specialties.

You can also browse products in Indonesian e-commerce such as Tokopedia. If there is a product that is good for sale on your Instagram, contact the seller of the product for technical matters such as price discounts.

  1. Offering services

Not everyone likes to sell goods, but there are also those who like to offer services. Well, offering services on Instagram can also be an alternative to produce from the social network.

In my observation, services that are often offered on Instagram include:

  • Logo making service
  • Translation services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) services
  1. Endorse

Endorse is promoting other people’s products on your Instagram account. In addition to getting these products for free, you also get paid for these activities. Not bad as a side business, right?

For example, well-known cosmetic manufacturers give their products free of charge to you. Then, you are asked to take a picture of the product and promote it on your Instagram account.

  1. Selling photos

If you are an employee who likes photography, you can sell photos of your shots on Instagram. Before the photos are uploaded to your Instagram account, give a watermark first to avoid theft of photos.

Well, if someone buys one or more photos that you are displaying, send the original photo file (without watermark) to the buyer. Simple, right?

  1. Looking for sponsors

Often see a certain brand-sponsored activity? Well, the same thing can be applied also on Instagram.

If you use this method, you need to be proactive in finding brands. For example, your account is about culinary, so it is the brands of food producers that you are looking for.

After a price agreement, time period of posting, etc., then you post an image or video related to the product from that brand.

  1. Selling Instagram accounts

Maybe you have been using Instagram for a long time and are bored. Instead of closing it, you can make money by selling the account to those interested.

Just for information, selling Instagram accounts is not just a factor of boredom. However, in my observation, this activity has become a business field. In a sense, creating a lot of Instagram accounts to be sold later (commonly called raising accounts).

What is the selling price of an Instagram account? The price ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of rupiah, depending on the number and interaction of followers (followers).

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