Get to know Google AdMob for monetizing your best mobile applications

Hello friend, in this article I want to discuss about Google AdMob. What is Google AdMob? What is the function? For those of you who are looking for it, let’s refer to it and read this article until it runs out. Don’t worry about losing, everything here is FREE for you to read. Okay, get on with it.

What’s Google AdMob?

From my search results, Google AdMob originally named AdMob stands for Ads Mobile or Advertising On Mobile is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui. AdMob was founded in 2006 and is based in San Mateo, California. In November 2009, AdMob was acquired by Google for $ 750 million. This acquisition was completed on May 27, 2010.

Apple Inc. has also expressed interest in buying the company in the same year, but they have come out on offer by Google and have since introduced their own advertising platform iAd. Before being acquired by Google, AdMob acquired the company AdWhirl, formerly Adrollo which was a platform for developing advertisements on iPhone applications. AdMob offers advertising solutions for mobile platforms, including Android, IOS, WebOS, Flash Lite, and all standard mobile web browsers.

AdMob is one of the largest platforms in the world of mobile advertising and claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banners and text ads per month across mobile websites and Handset Applications. For those who don’t understand about AdMob, let’s study for a moment through this short article.

The Function of Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is one way to make money from the internet by monetizing advertisements on your best mobile applications, with the growing use of smartphones based on Google Android currently in Indonesia in particular, application developers are competing to make various applications, some are sell it for free or for free and then embed AdMob ads in it for monetization.

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At present the prices of smartphones, especially in Indonesia, are already very cheap and affordable, moreover, smartphones are now a special need for people all over the world. Imagine, if your application has been installed with AdMob ads installed on millions of smartphones worldwide, how much income can you make from that application. Google AdMob has become one of the very lucrative business opportunities for now, if you see the use of the internet on smartphones is increasingly increasing, the opportunity to get passive income from AdMob is not impossible.

Is Google AdMob Different from Google AdSense?

Correctly. Google AdMob and Google AdSense are different, although the same advertising products from Google, each of which has a different advertising domain, from the way the list is different. Google AdMob can only display ads on mobile applications, while Google AdSense is ads that are displayed on a website or blog.

For those of you who are serious about exploring Google AdMob, you don’t need much to prepare. All you have to do is prepare your Android application (you can buy or make it yourself), register an AdMob account and register as a developer on the Google Play Store. But the problem most often faced by android application developers is when registering to become a developer on the Google Play Store, for this matter I will discuss in the next article.

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Registering AdMob is very easy compared to registering Google AdSense. You only need to set up a new gmail account and then directly register Google AdMob. If you already have a fully approved Google AdSense account, you can directly register Google AdMob and you will no longer need to verify your PIN when the first 10 dollar threshold is reached.

If you are ready to play with Google AdMob, in general the following are the steps you need to take (Example Case for the Android Platform) :

  1. Create a Gmail Account
  2. Register email to Google AdMob
  3. Make an application, determine what type of application will be made in the form of Ebooks, Games and Others.
  4. Monetize Google AdMob ads into your Mobile Application
  5. Register your email to Google Play Store, this requires a fee of $ 25
  6. Publish the application on the Google Play Store
  7. Promote Application

How to Place Google AdMob Ads?

To install Google AdMob ads in the application is quite easy, you simply enter the id along with the ad script into the application. It must be admitted, to play Google AdMob you are also required to have to understand a little about coding your application, because there are several scripts that must be inserted into your application. But if your application can be purchased, usually the developer has prepared string / text type variables that are ready to be modified, so you can simply fill in or replace the contents of these variables with your ad id.

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Learning Google AdMob is not as difficult as learning Google AdSense, Google AdMob is not familiar with SEO, link building or other. You only need to do a promotion strategy so that many of your Android applications are downloaded, but on the other hand not everything becomes easy if it’s your first time learning something new.

Thus the discussion about Getting to Know Google AdMob for Monetizing Your Best Mobile Application, please leave a comment on this article if you want to ask questions or give input. Hopefully this article can provide benefits for those of you who read, see you in the next article. Thank you

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